Facebook launches college – only space Facebook campus’ in US

Facebook launches a college – only network

The social networking giant on Thursday launched a dedicated Facebook Campus, a collegeonly space designed to help students connect with fellow classmates over shared interests. To create a Campus profile, all students need is their college email and graduation year

  • Facebook campus will help with students connect with classmates
  • You’ll have to create a separate campus profile through the app itself
  • It is currently rolling out only in select universities in the US

Once registered, students enrolled in Facebook Campus will have access to a college-specific version of the News Feed, a directory for finding other students that can be sorted by class and major, and campus-specific chat functionality. The company says it’s starting to roll out Facebook Campus at a handful of colleges in the United States.

Facebook Campus doesn’t have public groups or events, meaning such content can’t be accessed by regular Facebook members or elsewhere

Your name, profile photo, cover photo and hometown from your Facebook profile will be added to your Campus profile, but you can edit or remove your hometown from your Campus profile if you`d like,” Facebook said.Students can create study groups, plan virtual concerts or ask for advice with college-only Groups and Events.Campus Chats are real-time chat rooms. Students can create chat rooms for their dorm, clubs or any other groups they`re part of within Campus,” Facebook said

All other fields are optional and you can choose what you want to include. You can choose to delete your Campus profile through Campus settings at any time and your Campus profile will no longer appear in the classmates directory, it is very good option for all students to create a future

Facebook’s Charmaine Hung argued that the product is particularly relevant now: “With COVID-19, we see that many students aren’t returning to campus in the fall. Now, classes are being held online and students are trying to react to this new normal of what it’s like to connect to clubs and organizations that you care about

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