Apple opens marina bay sands, its first floating retail store in Singapore

Apple opens its ‘floating’ store in Singapore

Cupertino-based premium smartphone maker Apple on Thursday opened Apple Marina Bay Sands, a glass dome that sits directly on the water. The design is similar to a floating lantern located in a luxury district of Singapore full of shops, restaurants, and the Marina Bay Sands hotel and casino.Apple’s Marina Bay Sands store is entirely surrounded by water, and offers 360-degree panoramic views of the city and its spectacular skyline.
Visitors entering the store encounter a dramatic reveal into the massive volume of the dome, where they can explore curated Apple products and accessories, receive personal technical support from Geniuses, or simply take in the stunning view of Marina Bay. The Forum is centered around a Video Wall, which will serve as the stage for Today at Apple sessions featuring Singapore’s artists, musicians, and creators. Entrepreneurs and developers interested in receiving training and advice can meet with Apple team members in Apple’s first underwater Boardroom, located on the lower level of the store
Inspired by the Pantheon in Rome, an oculus located at the apex of the dome provides a flooding ray of light that travels through space, according to Apple.The interior of the glass is lined with custom baffles, each uniquely shaped to counter sun angles and provide a nighttime lighting effect.

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