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Sony apologizes for botched Playstation 5 pre order

Sony promises more PS5 pre-orders ‘over the next few days’ and apologizes

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Sony effectively surprise-launched pre-orders for the console. They were supposed to be available on September 17th, but many retailers started pre-orders soon after the . Ps5 showcase event ended — many gamers were caught unprepared and missed out on a system

Gizmodo additionally famous that particular person retailers had their very own complications, Amazon warned customers that they might not receive their PS5 devices on launch day. We’ve also seen reports from retailers who have canceled orders.

Microsoft seems to have organized a more coordinated campaign. Xbox Series X and S pre-orders will begin at a specific time on September 22nd (11:00 a.m. East) and stores are following that schedule.

This is a problem console makers want to have, to some degree — it makes clear that PS5 demand is high. Still, it’s not the greatest start to sales for one of Sony’s most important products.

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