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FAU-G – an alternative to PUBG announced in India,

Following ban on PUBG, Akshay kumar announces FAU- G action game Indian game developer nCore Games’ co-founder Vishal Gondal reveals the team has been working on FAU-G game since May-June 2020. A new desi alternative to PUBG has already been announced, merely 48 hours after the Indian government banned 118 Chinese mobile apps, PUBG included. These apps threaten the “sovereigntyContinue reading “FAU-G – an alternative to PUBG announced in India,”


Tencent shares fall over 2% after India bans PUBG game

Tencent loses $14 billion in market value after India bans PUBG mobile Though PUBG was created by a South Korean gaming company, Tencent, one of China’s biggest gaming company, brought its mobile version. The list of 118 mostly Chinese apps also includes those from Baidu and Xiaomi’s ShareSave, as India stepped up pressure on ChineseContinue reading “Tencent shares fall over 2% after India bans PUBG game”